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  In recent times, it have happened that certain primary schools has promoted “revolutionary” experimentation on urban mobility. It is the case that pedestrian transfer of students, on their journey between home and school, were organised in light-hearted rigour.
   Just as children rediscover school by going there on foot, does the “Atlante di numeri e lettere” want to walk those “different” streets, chase “windmills”, solar panels, electric vehicles. It also seeks, like ordinary friends, entrepreneurs, institutions, whoever displays the will to do things, to set himself in motion,


to experiment, to patent (for example) one or any of the many ideas that are already flowing through the already vast audience that surrounds the story of this process. It is in this light that, among the other ways available to us, an important project of bioarchitecture is being developed – within a context of international cooperation.

  And it is a sentiment of thankfulness that is felt for all those who, whether in great or small part, compete to promote sustainable development, which is made up of so many things, not least of which are the fuels that have a low impact on the environment, be they biological innovations or the well-known methane.