|Gianfranco Bucich|

Gianfranco Bucich comes to “Atlante di numeri e lettere” following words and images. The rendez-vous was preceded by the publication of Piano di studi del poeta (Grottammare, Stamperia dell’Arancio, 2000). Still further back, the utopian vision of a possible civil city never being considered less in his mind, it happened that he was to edit Dove, una città, a section dedicated to the land, for more than one journal. He is presently among the promoters of an innovative bioarchitecture-project.
e-mail: g.bucich@virgilio.it

|Angelo Capasso|

Angelo Capasso (Rome, 1966). Art critic and lecturer in “The History of Contemporary Art” with the Faculty of Architecture at the “La Sapienza” University, Rome. Free-lance contributor to “Tema Celeste Contemporary Art” (Milan) and “Modus vivendi” (Rome). He has published numerous articles and assays on themes relevant to contemporary art both in specialist magazines and non-specialised ones, like: “Tate, the art magazine” (London); “Segno” (Pescara); “Arte e Critica” (Rome); “Crudelia?” (Rome); “Filmcritica” (Rome); “La Nuova Ecologia” (Rome); “Sipario” (Milan); “Liberazione” (Rome); “Time” (London); Op. Cit. (Naples); “PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art” (New York); “RomArt” (Rome) and “Cahiers d’art international” (Rome). He has published the following books: “Nottefonda. Rituali del buio”, Zoart, Rome; “ABO. Le arti della critica”, Skira, Milan 2001; “AA. L’arte per l’arte”, Marta Massaioi Editore, Rome 2002. He has edited numerous collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has collaborated with Rai News 24, Rai Sat Arte, Cultnet Italia, RAI DOC, RAI RADIO TRE.

|Gianluca Chiarelli|

RF/microwave designer from 1985 in the area of for satellite communications with Alenia Spazio S.P.A.
From 1989 he has been involved with machinery development in the field of digital/multimedia communications.
e-mail: gianluca@chiarelli.net


|Pierluigi Cirilli|

Has worked with the Mineral Safety Office of the Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Italian Ministery of Production Activities) and has kept interest in particular aspects, as well as in scientific issues, alive.


|Michele Colonna|

Civil Engineer, concerned with the environment and coordinates research, design and teaching/learning activities, all within the sector of sustainability. He works in GreenLab S.r.l., of which he is a partner, in one of the most prestigious national scientific parks, the AREA Science Park of Trieste.
e-mail: michele.colonna@area.trieste.it


|Giorgio Conti|

Giorgio Conti, following a period of teaching in the University of Venice (Iuav), Algiers, Salerno, Ancona, is presently lecturer in Territorial Planning at the University of Venice (Cà Foscari campus). Following the problems of Modernisation, what are the paradigms capable of renewing urban and environmental planning? Upon these themes he based his research, producing (and/or organising) published works, conferences, exhibitions, videotapes, video-conferences, hypertexts, etc. both in Italy and abroad. He founded the Archivi di Modernità (the Archives of Modernity) in Venice (1980), a documentary and cultural promotion centre dedicated to the poetry/philosophy of J. Beuys. He is the Italian delegate to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), for the scientific coordination of the Paris “Image et Science” International Meetings.
e-mail: conti@unive.it

|Aurelio Grillo|

He graduated in Theoretical Physics and has taken part in the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso experiments since the beginning of activity. Since 1994 he has been a member of the permanent staff of the LNGS; in charge of the Reasearch Division from 1994 to 2003, he presently holds the course of Nuclear and Subnuclear Astrophysics at the Department of Physics, University of L’Aquila.
e-mail: aurelio.grillo@ings.infn.it


|Francesco Santandrea|

Presently Laboratory Head at Labor srl, an industrial research company with Tecnopolo Tiburtina of Rome. He also takes part in activities whose duties are similar, with the Mineral Safety Office of the Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Italian Ministery of Production Activities). In over twenty years of work he has accumulated noteworthy experience in the fields of design, engineering and production of machinery and prototypes of an industrial and scientific nature.
e-mail: f.santandrea@labor-roma.it
|Adriano Segatori|

Adriano Segatori (1951), physchiatrist-psychotherapist, works with the Department of Health at Gorizia. Apart from strictly specialist tasks, like being a journalist and scholar of traditional thought, he is the author of assays and numerous articles regarding symbols of the original culture. In a particular way, he is interested with those elements of the communitary organism that are falsified by the organisation of society, and which need to be redefined in the strictest terms, and which must be kept alive and properly up-to-date.
e-mail: meridianozero@tiscalinet.it
|Diego Spreti|

Diego Spreti makes up part of Bloom, a group from Ancona (Italy) that works in internal communication on a national level, developing new instruments for organisation development: Energising Portals with formative and informational stimuli, Knowledge, culture and sector Portals, business cultural Events, Work-Life Balance Projects.
e-mail: info@diegospreti.it


|Gaetano Valentini|

Born in Pescara in 1969, he graduated in 1995 in Astronomy at the Sciences Faculty of Bologna University. Since 2000, he has worked as with INAF-OACT at Teramo, and whose main duty is to be technician in charge of the TNT telescope, as well as of its instrumentation. From the viewpoint of Astrophysics research, greatest areas of interest concern, data reduction, study of the spectacular star explosions (supernovas) and technological developments connected with the building poject of the Antarctic IRAIT telescope and the infrared AMICA room, pilot project for the development of new technologies linked to astronomy for Antarctica.
e-mail: valentini@te.astro.it
|Flavio Villotta|

Flavio Villotta was born in Foggia, 1960. He graduates from Milan Polytechnic, having presented his thesis on evaluation of facilitation in building processes and work methods employed in the building industry, by means of a self-assessing teaching programme, as well as by a self-teaching route. Such work has later been used by the CNR for a broader study of process and product facilitation in building. He is concerned with both light and heavy prefabrication techniques, structure design and concrete construction systems. In 2003, he founds the company Eutech (with the support of the Provincial Administration of Milan who wanted to start up Businesses with a high level of innovation) – a design company which promotes operations of self-construction, personalised and less complicated building sites, the transfer of sustainable technologies to developing countries.
e-mail: flavio.villotta@fastwebnet.it