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Gianfranco Bucich

The Network Energy







“Posse ipsum est omnium quiditas et hypostasis,
in cuius potestate tam ea quae sunt, qua mea quae
non sunt, necessario continentur”


                                       NICOLAUS VON KUES, De apice theoriae, 1464


1. It had seemed very haphazard setting a communications machine into operation which is of the nature of possessing a dual soul, a humanistic one and a scientific one, while at the same time pretending that such an apparatus was suited to carrying out surveys in all the numerous variations that are to be found in the world of technics in all its vastness, in that immense area of industry where application and research chase one another, generating an infinite number of processes, in the reading of which lies the forge of most meaningful contemporary art, and in particular, cinema.




2. Other companies have started to pay attention, when not to adhere to the “numbers” and “letters” that the “Atlante…” is collating. Perhaps they have identified a typology of quality, perfectible of course, as well as a new attempt to observe and narrate things, underpinned by enthusiasm and passion. It is then that the doors of these places of contemporary reality, where things come about, open. Sure, there is so much pain still in the world of work, and so many of those old hells, too, but it is precisely for this reason that witness must be borne to new situations, to other possibilities, to human landscapes where work activity becomes, may become the expression of the self.




3. But we could also speak much about that which succeeded least, even among those medium-term goals. We can also envisage the “Atlante di numeri e lettere” project being once and for all adjusted, along its basic guidelines, in the next issue. As for arriving at an observatory of objects that have been chosen in advance, through which we capture material for reflection upon the changing course of life. Naturally, there is still a lot to be done if we are to meet the original goals. As far as business situations are concerned, for example, the idea of going into a business, and narrating it by means of a project, a story, an occurrence.



4. From this second issue, the thematic centre of gravity moves towards the index, intended as series of sections, which in filigree allow a reconfiguration of the supporting structure to filter through. It is probable, with the accentuation of this process, that the need fails for defining a given theme, from time to time: which is now dedicated to energy. The appearance of a sub-title: ethics and aesthetics within the becoming of technics confirms this reconfiguration. We therefore outline those values that have come out till now, or better still certain original intentions are confirmed, others are cleared of obscurity, or else they evolve or change, or new ones are aroused.



5. Cultural traces being considered, do not seem to be lacking in similarities. Giulio Giorello’s thinking, for example, like a bright shining light magnificently helps this type of pan-communicative syncretism that can be revived in those routes that “Atlante di numeri e lettere” tries to imprint into its surveys. Thus it is for philosophy which has to be transported everywhere and let mix together with other disciplines, be part of every type of degree course.